Sunday, August 2, 2009


I almost forgot about nano's, but they are quickly becoming my favorite type of cache. In the photo above, the little black dot next to the bolt is the cache. There's a little tiny log inside. I never would have found this one without my mirror. We had checked everything else in the area when I reluctantly decided to check the underside of these pipes. And there it was.

Here's a better picture of both the cache and location.
Nanos are almost always magnetic and underneath something, so they're very easy to locate once you know what you're looking for. They are so inconspicuous that even if a muggle saw you put it back and tried to look for it, they probably wouldn't notice it. Plus they almost never require bushwhacking.

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  1. there is a crevice under the one on the end of the street. That is where my first hide is at. Everyone has a really hard time with mine.The groove is the exact size of the nano,placed against the side, you run your fingers against it thinking,part of the hydrant. Not