Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Almost Paradise

I set up my geocaching.com account to send me an e-mail whenever a cache is activated within 10 miles of my house. At about 11 am I got the e-mail for this cache. At 1 pm I took my lunch break and went after it, thinking I might have a shot at FTF...no such luck. Four people had been there before me. Oh well, at least it was easy. Light pole caches rock. And I have to admit the paint job is pretty cool.

This one is right across the street from where I work. I've been meaning to grab it for months, I'm just never on that side of the road. Previous attempts were foiled by smokers who really like to hang out in front of newspaper stands.

See this friendly-looking stick? It's an evil, evil cache. What's worse is it was like 10 ft. away from GZ. I know that's "within reason", but it's irritating. Especially when it's only rated a 1.5 for difficulty. The worst part is I didn't even get the glory of finding it. I was digging around in some bushes and an employee ran over saying, "Here it is...It's right over here." I was screaming (yes, screaming): "No! Don't tell me! I don't want to know! Please don't tell me." And then he handed it to me.

I admit it's pretty wicked...and it would have taken me a really really long time to get to it. But I don't feel like I earned it. *sigh*
Update: 8/20/09
I forgot to mention the most infuriating (and clever) part about this cache - it's classified as a micro! The description is "well-camoed bison tube." True, it is both a micro and a bison tube. However, new geocachers, such as myself, fall into the trap of looking for a lone bison tube. Now I know better...

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