Team Evelev


I live in Central Florida with my husband, Brian, and our pets.  We're both office-folk 40+ hours a week.  I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and a penchant for drama.  Brian has a knack for dealing with both.    

Our love for geocaching has little to do with the caches.  It's not about the "stuff", it's about the journey.  It's about enjoying (and cursing) nature, discovering new places, opening your mind, and meeting people who feel the same way.    Plus, finding stuff is fun

We are team Evelev.  We geocache.

  • iPhone 4 running Groundspeak's Geocaching app ($9.99) and MotionX GPS ($2.99).
  • Garmin 60CSx
  • Backpack: mirror-on-a-stick, flashlight, tweezers, mini first aid kit, umbrella, pens, my dignity, and some semblance of reality. 

Evelev's First Find: April 13, 2009

Brian's First Find: April 19, 2009

First FTF: July 22, 2009