Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good Camo

God is in the details, but so is the Devil

Well-camo'd caches that are "hidden in plain sight", are the core of geocaching. They make geocaching less a game and more a community.

This stick, precariously hanging next to the trunk of a tree holds a cache inside. I don't think it was supposed to be hanging like this, but this is how I found it. If you look closely there is a little piece of wire hanging off the end. My guess is that was supposed to be attached to another branch, so that it would hang horizontally. If it had been hanging that way, I probably never would have found it.

This is a little tough to see because it was midnight. This cache is a broken sprinkler head, stuffed with a baggie holding the log and some swag.

Unfortunately the camera focused on the leaves, but beyond the leaves is a bird house containing a pill bottle.

This cache is rated a 4.5 (out of 5), but I honed right in on it (not that I'm bragging). There were just no other options. The numbers on this electrical box are actually magnetic, and they peel back to reveal the log.

This is Brian with a false outlet cover. It was on the back of a building near all of their electrical equipment. We were about to give up when Brian nudged the plate and it moved.

This is one of the coolest caches I have seen yet. It's a fake bird. We looked high and low for this cache, and we were about to walk away when I looked up and spotted it. I had to extricate the log from the bird's ass with tweezers. Never thought I'd have to do that...

This is a nut/bolt combination. It's magnetic and was stuck inside the sign in the background. Brilliant, because someone could look right at it and never think twice. The bolt unscrews from the nut, revealing the log.

You can buy manufactured pine cone caches, but this is a real pine cone with a little log-holder glued into the top. There is actually a dead giveaway to this one: it's slightly opened. The other pine cones still attached to the tree are completely closed. They fall long before they open up like this.

I wish there were more like this, they are so fun!

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  1. Oh Evelev, there are many more like that... keep searching our cache hides!