Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lock-and-Lock / Tupperware

This is my husband, Brian (an integral part of Team Evelev) with his very first cache find. It's called a lock-and-lock. Tupperwares also fit into the small category. These are cool because they're easy to camo and hide in just about any bush, and they hold small swag. It's the perfect balance between the traditional tupperware-in-the-woods geocache and urban neo-caching.
While we're here, Brian is cool because he has no fear of spiders nor any qualms about sticking his naked hands in places he can't see. I never would have found this particular cache on my own. It was buried under some wood, in a dense tree-filled, muck-soaked, hostel for spiders. I'm just not that gutsy.

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