Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maybe nevermore was a little harsh...

In classic Evelev fashion, I threw a little tantrum about never getting FTFs...and then I got one.

I was sitting on my new couch, in my new house, eating some reheated home fries for breakfast and watching CBS Sunday Morning. Then my iPhone buzzed, indicating a new email. Normally I wouldn't jump up and run over to my phone, but I just had a feeling. Newly posted cache. 0.4 miles from home coordinates. I frisbeed my home fries across the counter and sprinted towards the bedroom. I changed out of my pajamas and into jeans, a hoodie, and sneakers. Period. Didn't put on socks, nor did I brush my teeth, or my hair for that matter. I was in the car before I even thought to look at where the cache was actually located.

I was in such a fury, I turned down the wrong road. I was sure I'd lost any chance at FTF, but when I arrived there were no other cars. The area was somewhat secluded. There were houses all around, but they were either set way back from the road, or had a privacy fence. After looking around a bit, I soon attracted the attention of two dogs on the other side of a fence. I didn't mind that they were barking, but I was concerned that they would draw attetion to me. I shh'd as loud as I could, but it didn't help. Sometimes they would quiet down, but as soon as I crunched down on a leaf, they would start all over. Eventually the owner came out and called them inside.

It wasn't long after that when I found the cache. With trembling hands, I twisted open the cache and extracted the log. It's like jogging in a circle, my happy dance. Furious, seizing, circle-jogging. It's probably better that I do it only twice a year.

I know this post is kinda weak. While moving into my new house has been totally fun, it's been totally exhausting, too. No energy for geocaching and even less for writing. I had hoped to debut my article, but I'm just not comfortable with it yet. I need one good day to review and edit, hopefully that happens this week.

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