Sunday, February 7, 2010

Any Given Sunday

Despite being totally bogged down with my work and school schedule this week, we did get out to do a bit of geocaching. Team EyeoftheSeeker and Team Evelev had plans to visit some muggle-friends (as opposed to enemuggles) in Clermont to watch the Superbowl, so we grabbed a few caches along the way.

We started out the day with a DNF at a newly posted 5/2. We found plenty of junk, sandspurs, and the skull of a small animal, but no cache. Oh well.

Then we moved on to a couple of super easy park and grabs. Well, they were supposed to be park and grabs. We ended up walking more than necessary, but the weather was great and the finds were easy, so it was quite enjoyable.

Our final find of the day required a little stroll and tiny amount of bushwhacking (bush-stepping, really). The container was one I've seen on the geocaching website, but never in the wild. It is in great condition, although it probably won't stay that way once the rainy season gets here.

The cache location would have been obvious to anyone looking for anything. As every Southern geocacher knows, Spanish moss is more conspicuous than a neon sign advertising a strip club. Not that Spanish moss is bad camo (I think it's moderately muggle-proof), but it's definitely not subtle.

We made the grab right away after we found the right tree. While I was posing with my find (showing off my sweet backpack and wicked sunglasses), I was photobombed by EyeoftheSeeker. Very mature.

An unexpected bonus was this random tangerine tree. I didn't take any fruit, but I suppose no one would have minded...

The highlight of my week was the arrival of FTF Geocacher magazine. It was even better than I imagined. If you enjoy my blog, I highly recommend it. Not (just) because I'm in it, but because several geo-bloggers have contributed articles. This gives the magazine a very communal, story-teller feel - a quality somewhat unique to geocaching. And you don't have to blog to contribute, articles from any geocacher are welcome. Copies of the first issue are going fast, so if you are interested in a subscription, you're running out of time.

And finally, a tidbit from Evelev's enlightenment corner: Time really flies when you're geocaching. Holy cow. We killed three hours on four caches today, and it felt like no more than an hour had passed. Maybe it's a good thing no one is paying me to cache. I would probably wake up one morning to find an 80 year old woman in the mirror and wonder what the hell happened. I suppose that's a chance I'm willing to take.

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