Sunday, July 11, 2010

Temporarily Archived

First, let me firmly state that I have not abandoned this blog. I love this blog, and I love that people find value in it. When Brian had his (first) surgery and I knew team Evelev would be out of commission for a bit, I was a teeny bit excited. A break from actual geocaching meant that I would finally have an opportunity to develop the article ideas brewing in my head. But it didn’t work out that way.

You should know that I have written, edited, trashed, and re-written this very post several times over the past month. Every time I start writing, I mosey-on for a bit like normal, and suddenly I find myself in downward spiral towards the melodramatic swamp of self-pity (there might be a cache there). Somewhere deep in the rational part of my brain, I knew publishing that crap was more destructive than not writing at all. This a blog, about geocaching, not an episode of Blossom. With no new geocaching experiences to keep me on-track, I basically put the blog into cryosleep/medically-induced coma, until I felt creative again.

Am I feeling creative now? Not remotely, nor do I have any new geo-perspective to add. To be honest, thinking about caches-past is a little (cue the violins) painful. Everybody has new stories to tell, new accomplishments to boast, and I...don’t. I just miss it. I miss writing.

Now, dry your eyes, and hang up with the 911 operator. I’m not getting ready to jump off a cliff. I’m not in some state of depression and my life is not that bad. It’s just really busy and exhausting right now.

ALL of that being said, it’s really flattering that people stop by. With no new posts, I’ve still had 477 hits (and made 8 cents in advertising revenue...woo). I don’t know when I’ll be a regular in the geocommunity again. I will tell you that every week I plan to write, I think about new articles, and then I just don’t get around to writing them. So, maybe next week, maybe next year. My ground zero is still right here.

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  1. I just found you blog....hope you get back on track with what erver you need,,, will look forward to you posting again....will check back
    aka donna